Mission, Vision & Strategy

Why “Army Vehicle Marking . com “?

  • This site was born out of a piece “out of control grown hobby” when it comes to the “correct” marking of historic WWII allied military vehicles & tanks. Many vehicles & tanks today driving by in liberation events or in museums or are seen in (new) movies … Unfortunately are marked and stenciled with for example post-war NATO / DIN font lettertypes. Or fonts that are designed 40+ years after WWII. Or are marked with “wrong” formats five point stars. Even while the diameter inch sizes were pre-described very specifically.
  • Therefore …

Our goal is to …

  • … be for you the Expert & Partner in historic WWII Military Vehicle Marking, Decals & Stencils.
  • … supporting you in providing Marking, Decals & Stencils – as historically accurate as possible – for your historical vehicle(s) in the correct historical timeline.
  • … after 70+ years … to be the largest and most complete database and source of information when it comes to WWII Allied vehicle markings. And preserve them for future generations.

Our strategy is to …

  • share more than 33 years of experience, interests and hobby in WWII historical material and military historical data. Collected in private personal archives as well share online (public) archives. And share this data online from this central point… “www.ArmyVehicleMarking.com”.
  • … digitize … original WWII documentation as “allied” guidelines and manuals and photographs, marking & lettering for your vehicle(s). And use for our Marking, Decals & Stencils the correct type & format by developing the appropriate digital WWII scaleable (vector) fonts.

Our values ​​are …

  • Service & Customer focus with historical awareness & a sense of History.
  • … With respect for the men and women to whom we owe our freedom. Maintain Historical Military Equipment and Heritage – as correctly as possible – with which the Allies have fought & won our freedom.